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Dutti is the leading Estonian manufacturer of upholstered
furniture. Our core business is in fabric and leather armchairs and sofas.

We design and produce quality home furniture, with excellent comfort.

The wide and dynamic collection includes over 100 models. We have
a range of 200 different standard fabrics and a wide leather collection,
Your imagination is the limit.

Currently we produce approx. 100 000 sofas per year and employ 350
people. Our design team is constantly developing new models.

Our delivery network provides direct deliveries to Finland, Sweden,
Norway, Denmark, Benelux countries and the Baltic States. We believe
in top customer service and deliver freight free even single orders.

We offer competitive prices with on demand deliveries. If you are
looking for a reliable long term business partner, Dutti is your choice.
Our sales personnel will gladly answer any of your questions.

Scandinavian design and quality is a matter of heart to us.

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